Friday, August 27, 2010

The Pace of Change

I am what is known as a "super-senior" at Colorado State University. That is, I am in my fifth year of my undergraduate program. In the time that I have spent here, I have seen a dramatic alteration in the methods and tribulations facing the industry.

In Fall of 2006 when I began my studies, the number of media outlets was increasing, yet the number of stories were staying constant. More coverage of a single issue was being viewed as a positive change; that is, more people were caring about the news.

According to, trends in 2006 were focused around how media was going to incorporate itself into the technological evolutions happening to major nations, but was mostly viewed as an exciting adventure. The website lists a major trend during the year, stating, "Traditional media do appear to be moving toward technological innovation — finally." The whole list of trends can be found at

CSU graduate Allison Sherry is featured in a promotional video for the university's program, where she states the importance of being educated in online technologies:

"Learn how to Twitter, learn how to blog," Sherry says.

This is, quite literally, the extent of my journalism career thus far. I have created blogs, my Twitter account is picking up speed quickly (follow me here), and I am constantly linking my profiles with professional social networking sites. My hope is to have a solid online journalism portfolio to present to future employers in order to prove my dedication to this profession.

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